We will take care of your cargo


We are a transport company offering a wide range of services concerning organization of transports within the European Union, especially the Western European countries, like France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain.
As a transport company we are, without any objection, open for any kind of propositions. And in order to fulfill the client's requirements, we give at the his disposal our transport fleet as well as our office workers' engagement. Therefore, every day you can reach our forwarding agents not only by the telephones, but by mobiles also. We are prepared to transport goods from weight of 10kg up to 24tons. We are sure, that one of our biggest advantages is our full professionalism, flexibility and discretion, what comes into the drivers' work quality, who are punctual, responsible, solid and well-mannered. Moreover, our drivers have a huge experience and practice in the international transport and skill of communication abroad, what positively effects in their resourcefulness at the place of loading and unloading. Naturally, you can reach our drivers for 24 hours a day by the mobile telephones, so the forwarding agents and clients have the instant contact and always know where the drivers are at the moment. Very important argument for our company is also fact, that there is a very good and friendly atmosphere between our forwarding agents and drivers. This is a very important factor for the company progress and it's excellent performing. It also gives the comfort feeling of the clients cooperating with our company and their full confidence in the quality of our service. Therefore our primary aim is a perfect atmosphere in the company structure - and then we can ensure our clients everything the best.